Polymet ®

Water Soluble Polymet ® Coating Technology

PPI developed water-based coating for threaded hardware and metal parts in automotive and engineering construction. It offers direct cost savings through its use of water-based technology. These water based coatings are environmentally friendly, HAP free, hazardous (declarable by ELV) substances free, have low VOC, and perform well in harsh climates and weather conditions.

Environmental Protection by Polymet ® Coating

Polymet® is environmentally friendly as it contains no hazardous or declarable substances (conforms to ELV, has WEEE, and ROHS guidelines). Polymet ® is water-based, has low VOC (volatile organic content) and is HAP free (hazardous air pollutants).

Application for Polymet ® Coating

Polymet® products can be applied with non electrolytically applied dip spin coating techniques for mass produced hardware parts and by spray application with or without electrostatic for larger metal parts.

No. of Coats Application Method Thickness Salt Spray (ASTM - B117) Kesternich Test (DIN 50018-2.0L)
2 Dip Spin > 10 Microns > 480 Hours 25 – 30 Cycles
3 Dip Spin > 12 Microns > 720 Hours 25 – 30 Cycles
1 Spray > 15 Microns > 480 Hours 25 – 30 Cycles
2 Spray > 20 Microns > 1000 Hours 25 – 30 Cycles

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