This coating is a single pack system which is easy to use and is suitable for every climate. Aquazinc® can be used as an alternative to zinc plating. In comparison it offers better overall performance through higher corrosion resistance and no hydrogen embrittlement while remaining cost competitive. Aquazinc® has excellent adhesion over most substrates.

The Aquazinc® is an aluminum/zinc flake, water born, one coat system with a silver/grey appearance. This coating is integrated with lubricants and does not need an additional top coat to adjust the co-efficient of friction values for threaded hardware parts and fasteners.

It is a single coating system that requires two coats when applied through a dip-spin process and only one coat when applied through spraying. The same product can be used for both the first and second coat, allowing for reduced product waste. Equipment can then be easily cleaned with water.

Environmentally Friendly Aquazinc® Coating

Aquazinc® is environmentally friendly and does not contain any hazardous or declarable substances (conforms to ELV, WEEE, and ROHS guidelines). Aquazinc® coatings are water-based, HAP (hazardous air pollutant) free, and have low VOC (Volatile Organic Content).

Application for Aquazinc® Coating

Aquazinc® products can be applied with non-electrolytically applied dip spin coating techniques for mass produced hardware parts and by spray application with or without electrostatic for larger metal parts.
No. of Coats Application Method Thickness Salt Spray (ASTM - B117) Kesternich Test (DIN 50018-2.0L)
3 Dip Spin > 10-15 Microns > 720 Hours 15-30 Cycles
2 Dip Spin >8-12 Microns > 480 Hours 15-30 Cycles
1 Spray >10-15 Microns > 720 Hours 15-30 Cycles

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