Properties And Application Of Aquazinc® / Polymet®


  • Water soluble: low VOC
  • Sacrificial behavior
  • Aquazinc® is an alternative to zinc plating with better performance properties
  • Free from hydrogen embrittlement
  • Protection against corrosions
  • Suitable for steel springs and high strength steel parts
  • 720 hours SST can be achieved with 8 – 10 microns thickness
  • High chemical resistance
  • Improved wear resistance
  • Colored sealer top coats for aesthetics and sorting
  • Possible to adjust the required coefficient of friction
  • No hydrogen embrittlement stress cracking of high strength metal parts

Spray Coating Process

Aquazinc®/ Polymet® coatings can be spray applied with regular spray technique and also with HVLP spray equipment with better efficiency.

Polymerization Cycle

The coated parts need to cure at around 200 degrees Celsius for polymerization. The SST results and other chemical related properties vary if the baking cycle is not being performed properly.